Monday, December 14, 2009

Simeon Reverencing the Christ Child

MY Word: Living the Law of Moses required certain rituals to be performed at the Temple. Bethlehem is only about 5 miles from Jerusalem, so after Mary had completed her 40 days of purification she and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple to offer sacrifices and ordinances concerning the firstborn son. Read the reference above carefully. What monetary circumstances were Joseph and Mary in? If Heavenly Father places his Son in poor but humble conditions is there a lesson for us? Would you rather have love and time with family or stuff that we have to work so hard and long hours to pay for? What were Simeon's duties at the Temple? If he performed ordinances for all firstborn son's do you think he performed them robotically or do you think with each child he questioned in his heart, "Is this the Saviour?" Do you think that after years of faithful service Heavenly Father would just ignore his question? I don't think so!

And finally we have Anna. 20='s a score so you do the math or read her reference. Again a faithful servant who, I'm sure, questioned and learned at the Temple on a daily basis. We (in the LDS religion) have a phrase to describe Simeon and Anna; they were "in tune with the Spirit (meaning the Holy Ghost)" and recognized through this gift the Saviour of the world.

Assignment: Using Simeon and Anna as examples what steps can we take to develop "tuning into the Holy Ghost"? Here are a few things that come to my mind: Be where we are suppose to be ~I think they both were doing their Temple duties. What are your duties at work, in your church, in your family, etc.? Where ever you have responsibilities LEARN, ask yourself: am I giving my best, what can I improve, how can I be more helpful, ask WHY and find the answer! Be generous with your knowledge, although they shared their knowledge with those that would understand and gave reverence to their words. (What is that other scripture reference that goes something like this....cast not your pearls before swine.) Give thanks and acknowledge Heavenly Father's hand in your learning process and life!

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